Exhibition: August 3 -- September 21, 2003
Reception: September 12, 2003
Symposium: September 13, 2003
Tucson, AZ
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The University of Arizona Museum of Art presents
Love and/or Terror: A Book Arts Exhibition and Symposium

Love and/or Terror: a Book Arts Symposium
Saturday, September 13, 2003

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Book exampleLove and/or Terror: a Book Arts Symposium features internationally recognized artists Johanna Drucker and Warren Lehrer as the keynote speakers, and workshops by leading Tucsonan literary and visual artists: Charles Alexander, Judith Golden, Miguel Juaréz, Frances Sjoberg and Nancy Solomon. The Symposium will celebrate The University of Arizona Museum of Art-sponsored collaborative project that includes an exhibition, ancillary exhibitions with UA Special Collections, a lecture by Duane Michals sponsored by Canon USA, and community projects.

This daylong special event takes a comprehensive look at the fall 2003 exhibition Love and/or Terror: an Exhibition of Artist Books. Love and/or Terror, on view at The University of Arizona Museum of Art from August 3 through September 21, 2003, features fifty-four contemporary artists invited to explore this timely theme. Art has probed love and terror for ages, and does so now with a heightened sense of urgency. Is love an alternative to terror? Does love embrace terror, and does terror embrace love? A single act of terror threatens the entire planet and overshadows single acts of love. Art may not hold ultimate answers to questions that have inspired and perplexed for centuries, but it is a crucial participant in any dialogue about these issues. The artist's book, because of its ability to display words and image sequences in sculptural forms, has been called a "time-based" art. In this exhibition it becomes an art of and for our time, a time of deep concern, a time of terror, a time for love.